This website is administered by “The Ożarowska Association for Children, Teenagers and Adults with Disabilities.”


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Welcome to our website. This website is addressed to the parents of disable children, mostly with cerebral palsy. It has been created out of the initiative of specialists and parents gathered around the Rehabilitation Centre for Children and Teenagers in Warsaw at Ożarowska Street, Wandafonds, the Dutch foundation, which is represented by dr Eva Kooyman and BOSK Foundation from Amsterdam.
Our main goal is to create the information forum for parents and provide them space to contact and also give disabled children’s parents the possibility to exchange any useful information and experience in such areas as: rehabilitation, education, social problems, law problems, self-help and all other kinds of issues that You will find important.
Our website is now administered by young people, members of The Ożarowska Association for Children, Teenagers and Adults with Disabilities. Our community was established 5 years ago.
We would like to encourage everyone who is interested in those topics to help us in creating our website with sending Your ideas, proposal and own texts by electronic post.